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Egg Break-Faster Boss Concept - Boss Mechanics by Yeow95 Egg Break-Faster Boss Concept - Boss Mechanics by Yeow95
A egg mixer/breakfast-themed idea I had for a Sonic boss. This is the companion piece to my Egg Break-Faster Boss Concept (Boss Design). (This admittedly came a month after a week later, due to real-life circumstances.) As promised, this details how the boss attacks/mechanics works, corresponding to the numbers in the boss sign. The general idea behind these boss patters/attacks were to create a 2D Sonic boss fight concept that is significantly more engaging in its attack patterns, compared to standard 2D Sonic bosses. It's quite a read, but I hope you enjoy my ideas nonetheless.

1. The first phase of the boss begins with the short dispenser, which shoots out Eggman-branded eggs that explode after a few seconds. These eggs are dispensed close to Sonic's then-current position, at moderate speed. The short dispenser has to be damaged by Sonic, which is done by using the explosion of the eggs as a boost in the air (think the bombs from the Hydrocity boss of Sonic 3 & Knuckles). After the first hit, the egg dispenser starts moving faster, and the eggs are dropped randomly across the stage. It takes two hits for the dispenser to destroyed.

2. The next phase of the boss features the activation and emergence of two giant claws, which then drop down to the stage. These claws take out and hold a giant egg, position itself close to Sonic and then crack into two pieces above the stage, causing fiery, hazardous yolk to fall out. The claws then drop the remaining shells and retract into the boss to obtain another egg and repeat. The weak spot of this mechanic are the black containers where the claws are attached to (either one of the two can be damaged). These cannot be normally damaged by Sonic himself; instead, they are instead damaged by the disposed egg shells. In order to do this, the player has to pick up one of the dispensed shells (in which Sonic will place it over his head) and then use it as a shield when jumping into the black container. After the first hit, the giant claws will move more erratically, and upon stopping will drop the egg on the floor with more force. This will cause the resulting yolk to have a larger radius. It takes two hits for the claws to stall and malfunction, and then be retracted back into the boss.

3. The third phase of the boss focuses with the second dispenser that has a nozzle attached to it. The dispenser, positioned at the far left of the screen, gradually moves to the far right of the screen. As it moves, it dispenses "yolk" onto the stage. The yolk upon contact doesn't damage Sonic, but increases him to move twice as fast as normal (which makes controlling and aiming his jumps difficult). The dispense process takes four seconds, and then goes into a "cooldown" period for another four seconds. After the cooldown period, it will start dispensing the yolk once again, moving in the opposite direction, revert to the cooldown period, and then repeat. it During the "cooldown" periods, two flying "sunny-side up eggs" with spikes on their sides, emerge and fly across the screen from opposite positions in a horizontal direction, before moving back into the boss machine. (One "egg" flies low, another "egg" flies near the middle of the screen.) The dispenser has to be directly damaged by Sonic, which is done by bouncing on the "egg" (specifically by jumping on the "solid yolk" on top of the "egg") and use it in order to reach the dispenser. After the first hit, the dispenser will stop moving from side to side and dispensing the yolk down; and start moving erratically and shoot out globs of yolk at Sonic's position (which will have very precise aim). The cooldown period is also drastically shorter, with only two seconds. Only one "sunny-side up egg" is produced, and instead of flying in a horizontal direction, instead moves in an arced manner (starting from the top and dipping down to the bottom before returning to the top again on the other side). It takes two hits for the dispenser to be destroyed.

4. The fourth phase of the boss has Sonic pitted against two giant mixers, hidden in the background and covered by their containers. After the third phase ends, the containers open to the side, and the giant mixers emerge out of the background and come into the interactive plane / midground of Sonic / the player. The mixers then start spinning, and follow Sonic around the stage based on Sonic's position, in parallel movement. After six seconds, the mixers stop and go into a cooldown period for four seconds. The mixers are limited in horizontal movement by another black container which is the attack point Sonic must damage. The container can be damaged when the mixers have stopped spinning, upon which Sonic can jump onto the mixer and can use that as a stepping stone to damage the container. After the first hit, the mixers then start moving up and down the poles, and move independently from one-another. The spinning operation also last longer (now eight seconds rather than six seconds), and the cooldown period is drastically cut in half to two seconds. It takes two hits for the mixer containment boss to be destroyed and the mixers to fall off the screen.

5. The final phase sees the boss overall start to self-destruct and fall out, with a wall that prohibits Sonic from moving to the right (acing as a boss arena barrier) exploding and falling apart. Upon which, Sonic platforms up the boss, and has to go to the left to face Eggman in a "docking station" where his standard mobile mech is sitting (another wall sits at the top of the boss which blocks the path that leads to the end of the level / animal capsule; it is destroyed once the boss is destroyed completely). However, there is one last harmless surprise trap hidden here. When Sonic approaches the red post placed close to Eggman's docking station, a (non-hazardous) red pan quickly rises from the ground and smacks Sonic back a few feet. The can be avoided by having Sonic crouch at the right time, after which Sonic can walk up to Eggman's "docking station" and attack it, destroy the entire boss completely.
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